Fall Retreat 2021

Middle and High School retreat from October 8-10 at Mission Meadows! We will be talking about the spiritual habits at Browncroft and exploring the life-change that happens when you spend time with God and others.


TBD. Approximately $160 a student. $135 for additional siblingsFinancial Aid available* Contact [email protected] for more info.Cost goes towards renting the camp, meals and snacks for all students, t-shirts, and transportation.


Evening of Friday October 8th through the afternoon of Sunday October 10thOctober 8th - Drop-off before 6:00 PM the Church in the evening. Students ride to retreat center.October 10th - Pick-up at church at 3:00PM afternoon
Mission Meadows on Chataqua lake. They have been amazing to us in the past and the facilities are beautiful.(Pick-up and drop-off at Browncroft.)
Current 6th-12th Grade students

What will be taught?

Students will be expanding on the themes that the larger church is going through at the same time: Spiritual practices. Our students will learn what it means to be a true follower in the ways we 1. Spend time with God. 2. Spend time with others 3. Know and use our gifts. 4. Share your faith.

Why a Retreat?

Although we are always teaching God's word and pointing our students towards Christ, on retreats students get extended time with peers, leaders, and learning about God's love for them. When a whole weekend is devoted to being "unplugged" from the world and "plugged-in" to Christ, this often yields significant moments of faith in our students.

Whether student's make a pivotal decision in their walk with Christ, or grow in deeper in Christ-centered community with their leaders/peers, retreats are great tool for students to grow closer to God and to others.
Also, retreats are a great on-ramp for students looking to join our youth group.

Are Middle and High School together?

Yes and no. They will be at the same retreat center, but plan is to have separate schedules for High School and Middle School while meeting up for main sessions. So while they won't necessarily be doing everything together, they will have time to interact if they choose.

Safety Precautions

Regarding Covid-19 precautions, students will be asked to mask indoors (except when eating) and on the bus ride. Thankfully, if whether permits, many activities will be outside. It's always good to evaluate whether this is a precaution your child will do well with and will be able to respect leadership who will be giving reminders when needed. Of course, the recommendations for what keeps our students/their families safe are always changing and will be updated if need be.
Please be mindful to be aware of any Covid symptoms the week leading up to the retreat. It is likely we will have a Covid waiver at drop-off on Saturday to ensure the safety of our students.

All students will have a leader who is their primary point for supervision and contact throughout the entire day and during the night. These leaders can be contacted by parents at anytime if something needs to be communicated to their student.


[email protected] for any questions you may have

Packing List

1 suitcaseBiblePen or PencilCasual Clothes for Large group SessionsGym clothes for gamesOutfit to get messyLong Sleeved Shirt or hoody for night-time temperaturesSwimsuit (no formal dress code. As always, teach our students to honor God and His beauty in all they do, including the way they express themselves and view others)Close toed shoes for gamesTowelSleeping BagPillowPersonal Hygiene ItemsPajamasSnacksOptional: Spending Money (There is a snack bar!)Student Phone usage is not permitted on the trip. Phone aren't evil, we just want to foster community and eliminate distraction and truly "retreat". All leaders will have phones if parents need to get in contact with students. We recommend keeping student's phones at home.